Kenzan Studios marries Motion Capture, Keyframe animation and Real-Time Rendering

Looking for their father, a plane pilot who went missing in action during the First World War, a brother and sister are catapulted into extraordinary adventures throughout space and time, exchanging with fascinating people that made History and exploring lands and civilisations from the past.

Adapted from a successful childrens book, R&D for the animated version goes on since mid 2014. A crew of 15, mostly graduated from famous french schools, combines “performance capture” and traditional keyframe animation to build a stylized world based on solid ground, be it historical figures or realistic movements.

Every shot (sets, props, camera moves, lighting, particles, VFX) is assembled in Unreal, the real-time engine used for videogames. The challenge is interesting, since we want to achieve a high artistic filmic quality. I’m the director and director of photography on it.

The short film shown here is a Work In Progress, with plenty of low poly renderings and “unfinished business”, just to show some intentions. A polished version will be displayed on our beautiful booth in the MIFA, the film market from the Annecy Animation Film Festival (4.D03).


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