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Opening its doors with your help, the Museum of Digital Art will be Europe’s first physical & virtual museum dedicated to digital arts.


Hello world! The Museum of Digital Art is dedicated to the art of code and the questions raised by the interactions between data, algorithms and society. It will have a virtual presence, on pretty much every screen connected to the internet. And a physical presence in the ground floor of the first high rise building of Zurich, Switzerland. The MuDA is initiated by the non-profit Digital Arts Association and bound to open its doors in January 2016.


To convert the now empty ground floor into a public museum, we had to get the approval of the Historic Monuments Protection Authority, a process that took 13 months instead of the 3 they had promised. This has left us with very little time to raise the complete funding for the museum. And while we managed to secure the operating budget in only 6 months, we urgently need help now to cover the missing part of the construction fees.

The deadline to sign the rental contract is at the end of this Kickstarter campaign. We cannot sign without being able to cover the costs of the necessary transformations, which are already planned and would start immediately after signing. We really, really need your support to make this happen, the MuDA will not be able to open without you.


MuDA stands for Museum of Digital Art. An institute that will host exhibitions featuring artists from across all continents using code to create mind-blowing art at the intersection of science and creativity.

The MuDA will host three exhibitions per year, which will last three to four months each. For every exhibition, we will develop an experimental digital version (catalogue). In between we will host events, physical computing workshops, panel discussions and talks related to digital technology and society.

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