World of Games – Lava Challenge – Guave Motion


Production Company & Concept: Guave Motion
Client: World of Games GmbH (
Director & Producer: Sergio Herencias
Executive Producer & AD: David Fritsche
Director of Photography: Sergio Herencias

Adventurer-Hero: Manuel Schweizer

VFX Supervisor: Andreas Tanner
Assistant Camera: Sebastian Klinger
Chief Lighting Technician: Oliver Muff
Sound mixer: Christophe Steinmann
Make-up Artist: Kathrin Tollas
Props & Costume: James J. Frei, Patricia Herencias
Runner: Sarah Vettori
Making of: Jonas Ballmann

Editor: Sergio Herencias
3D Artists: David Fritsche, Andreas Tanner
Compositing: Andreas Tanner
Colorist: Sergio Herencias
Storyboard: Sarah Vettori
Sound Design: Stefan Birrer
Soundtrack: Fabio Chindamo

Special Thanks to: Fränzi für de fein Chueche 🙂

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